DIY Bleach Pen Design

bleach pen napkins

I am now wowed by bleach pen design!  This is my first experiment and I luv it.  Super easy, great with different fabrics and designs.  This type of DIY project is one of my favorite revivals.  I found these great sunny yellow (although the photo doesn’t show it well) napkins freshly pressed at an estate sale. They have a linen look but are actually a polyblend of some sort.  estate sale napkin

Finding the bleach pens was actually the biggest challenge since not a single store in my neighborhood sells them.  I did find them on Amazon for a great price.  The next super easy step is to draw your design with the bleach pen. I did two at a time with aluminum foil under the napkin to avoid the bleach soaking through.  Since these are a polyblend I let it sit for about 30-60min.  Rinse with cold water and wash with white fabrics the first time.  Here’s my bleach pen design…

bleach pen


What else can you do with bleach pen designs?  Here’s a few great examples and I’m sure a shirt, pillow sham and possible a table runner is on my list!

Enjoy your time making a bleach pen design!


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