Repurposed Wooden Legs

Wood chair leg art display


I’m always on the look out for new ways to repurposed old things. I’ve seen a million ways to use old chair backs and seats and old table tops..but what about repurposing old chair and table LEGS? Yep this is it – a great use of old wooden chair and table legs, pops of color (although this set has less pop for me but I do like the mix of stained and painted, mix of styles, heights and widths!)

This would be great as a display on the fireplace mantle or a buffet table. Getting more ambitious? Transform the wooden chair and table legs into candle holders like these or you can save yourself time and just buy them too!

Spindleabra repurposed Table and Chair legs

Source: Hipcycle














Have a few broken chair parts? How about the spindles and legs as a magazine rack or basket. Painted and distressed all one color would be a great rustic option!

Old chair spindles upcycled into a magazine holder

Source: dishfunctionaldesigns









Enjoy taking time to repurpose those chair and table legs into something fabulous!

4 thoughts on “Repurposed Wooden Legs

  1. I was saw an artist sitting on the street corner with a tool kit and a sign that said “repurposing your items for free.” essentially, people would bring her things from their house that they thought had value, and she would transform them into something else within 30 minutes. sort of reminds me of this :)

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